Success stories

A selection of stories from people who started out as Apprentices in the lift and escalator industry and just kept going! These will give you a sense of the opportunities available for people with ambition. There’s no limit to where an Apprenticeship can take you.

Escalator Apprentice Peter

Peter’s Story

Peter Halliwell became a Lift Apprentice when he was 23 years old. He is a great example that the lift industry has lots to offer and will welcome you even if you have moved on from your teenage years!

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Trainee Lift Engineer Nadeem

Nadeem’s Story

This is Nadeem, he’s been in the industry for nearly 2 years and is a Trainee Lift Engineer. He decided to do an Apprenticeship because he’s a hands on type of guy who wanted to achieve more and not settle for less. Find out how he’s getting on…

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Danny’s story

Danny started his career with an Apprenticeship and is now Managing Director of his own company. He says he owes absolutely everything to his Apprenticeship and that the Lift Industry never stops giving. Want to know more about Danny’s career path?

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Charlene receiving apprentice award

Charlene’s Story

Having taken the leap from administration into engineering, Charlene has taken everything in her stride, working through difficult patches to win Engineering Apprentice of the year. Charlene's future is looking bright and her careers aspirations are higher than ever.

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Dylan’s story

Dylan has always enjoyed engineering and decided to apply for an Apprenticeship to take advantage of being paid to learn more skills and work with experts. Now, 6 months in let's hear what he has to say...

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Apprenticeship Skills & Knowledge

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