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Opportunity in the Lift and Escalator Industry

Most people don’t spend too much time thinking about lifts and escalators - which only goes to show how reliable they are. The people that keep them moving are Lift and Escalator Engineers who are skilled individuals [...]

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Boosting Your Skills to Help Land an Engineering Apprenticeship

This handy document details the skills needed to be a Lift and Escalator Apprentice and what you can do to boost them, to make you stand out from the crowd when applying for an Apprenticeship. […]

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Lift & Escalator Apprentice Engineer Personality Types

It takes a special person to become a great Lift/Escalator Apprentice – someone with ambition, the ability to work hard and train to the highest standards; someone with the maturity to focus and succeed and […]

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Innovation in the Lift Industry

The modern lifts on the market today are becoming smarter and more efficient for tomorrow. Before this, lifts that moved only upwards and downwards in direction are now moving horizontally as well. These up-to-date lifts […]

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Infographic: Lift Industry Career Pathways

The Lift and Escalator industry is the perfect place for people with ambition. As you gain more experience and qualifications, your opportunities to progress get bigger. You could take up a specialism or move into […]


Lift and Escalator Careers at the National Apprenticeship Show

We recently exhibited at the Virtual National Apprenticeship Shows in the North, Central and South of England. Across all three events, over 200 young people visited our virtual stand to find out more about Apprenticeships in the Lift & Escalator Industry.


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