Who does what during your Apprenticeship?

There’s a 4-part team in your apprenticeship: Your employer, your training provider, independent assessors and, of course, you.

Let’s look at the role of each member of the team to discover how they are vital to your apprenticeship and equally invested in your success.

You first

You have recognised that an apprenticeship will provide you with a fabulous opportunity to learn to be a lift/escalator engineer in a hands-on, practical, fully supported and paid training programme. Now it’s up to you within a tight-knit team of people who are on your side. Show them you want to win.

Your employer

Your employer has recognised your value. Now they want to make you shine. They are the lift industry experts and you benefit from their experience and expertise by working alongside them day to day. Your lift engineer mentor will support you every step of the way and in return your enthusiasm and progression will reward them. He/she will be an encyclopedia of industry knowledge who is keen to pass it on to you. 

It’s a partnership of opportunity.

Along the way your employer will review your progress, make recommendations of next steps and talk to your training provider to ensure the apprenticeship programme targets are being met. They will also provide pastoral care to make sure you are happy in your work. And they will pay you. 

The training provider

The training provider provides a formal training programme to you and your employer. Another investor in your success, they help you to build the formal evidence of your learning and development, to build an NVQ portfolio and to acquire the ability to operate within the industry standards. Your portfolio records experiences gained through practical work, ticks off required elements of knowledge required by the programme and gives you an opportunity to show your aptitude for progress beyond the apprenticeship. In short, evidence that you have met or exceeded expectations.

Your success is theirs too.

All the way through your training programme, your employer and training provider will look after your welfare. Together they will support you, in your work, your challenges and your triumphs.

Independent assessors

The independent assessors maintain the standards. They administer the testing processes: knowledge tests; a presentation of your project report (portfolio); a face to face structured discussion with Q&A and a final end-point assessment to determine whether you have passed the apprenticeship programme and will be awarded a Pass or Distinction grade.

Find more details about the assessment process in our Apprenticeship Programme Guide


In practical terms your employer provides the opportunity, your training provider co-ordinates the learning programme and holds the hand of employer and employee through the process. The independent assessors administers the formal testing and awards the formal recognition of a successful apprenticeship completed. And you? You can climb the ladder of lift and escalator engineering.

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