Got what it takes to be a great Lift/Escalator Apprentice?

Let’s find out…

It takes a special person to become a great Lift/Escalator Apprentice – someone with ambition, the ability to work hard and train to the highest standards; someone with the maturity to focus and succeed and to emerge as a qualified Lift/Escalator Engineer, with all the rewards this brings.

How to make the grade…

Putting safety first:
Can you work to the Health and Safety requirements of the lift & escalator industry? Putting safety first protects you, your colleagues, tradesmen and the public ­­– anyone who uses the lifts or escalators!

Raising awareness:
Do you know when to ask for advice? When the issue is beyond your capability and you need the help of a senior person or someone with a different capability to yours.

Living the team spirit:
Do you love being a member of a team? This is essential as everyone benefits from each other’s strengths. You will excel at cooperation, trust, problem solving and treating others how you would like to be treated – with respect.

Becoming you:
The ability to motivate yourself is a must. Through continuous training you will fuel your professional development and progress through the ranks until you reach your goals. Products, systems and procedures are always changing, so you must keep up with the changes!

Making connections:
Are you good at communication? The art of listening and speaking ensures that everyone understands what is going on/required. Speaking up and contributing to team meetings is also valued.

Protecting the environment:
Are you eco-savvy? The lift & escalator industry is committed to sustainability so you will be keen to learn and practise its eco-efficiency values. These will help you create more value with less input – engaging in and developing activities that generate economic value while reducing ecological impact and the use of natural resources. This practice extends to respecting your workplace, its tools and practices, your colleagues and everyone who crosses your path.

Behaving appropriately:
Can you work to codes of practice for safe working and conduct? In other words, to a high, professional work standard that includes honesty and treating people with respect. The ability to speak up means you also know how to challenge any obviously unethical decisions.

Making the grade:
As an Apprentice you will be on your way to becoming a fully-fledged Lift/Escalator Engineer with a rewarding career in this dynamic industry – with every opportunity to improve and progress. You will earn as you learn and train with like-minded Apprentices, contributing to and benefitting from the cooperation and support this brings.

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